La “noioteca” – Sanremo 2024

At Sanremo 2024 “La noia” by Angelina Mango became an opportunity to discover new things. During the Festival, boredom wasn’t just a state of mind, but a real bargaining chip. “Boredom is time and I claim its value. – said Angelina – It is time that we potentially have available for ourselves, in which we can do things we like, discover new things.”

For this reason, “La noioteca” was born in the city center of Sanremo: a place that offers unusual activities, linked to the world of the singer-songwriter, to be experienced by investing one’s “boredom”. The library was open from Monday 5th to Friday 9th February from 10.30am to 12pm and from 2.30pm to 7pm with admissions subject to capacity.

Indeed, an atypical price list welcomes customers at the entrance, the “price” for discovering the activities inside is measured in the minutes of boredom that everyone is willing to invest, and so from the few minutes required for a trip to the photobooth between references to the Sanremo song and original memes or to discover what the future holds for us with notes containing ironic prophecies, we come to longer time investments for tutorials on Boredom, make up and hairstyles inspired by Angelina’s imagination.
And again, from temporary tattoos that tell of a passion of the young singer-songwriter, to mandalas, origami, and many other activities inspired by the lyrics of La noia, to discover its meaning and its many implications.

“La noioteca” thus becomes a place where time merges with music, transforming boredom into a creative and extraordinary adventure.