About us

I met Simona 13 years ago. If I think about being 13 years old, I think about “teen” as the suffix used to tell one’s age: the starting point of one’s teenage years, the beginning of that wonderful and scary moment in which the world allows you to be light, sometimes irresponsible. But also full of need to find out what’s out there, out of school, out of home, out of you.
It’s not by chance that I’ve always associated the concept of being a teenager with Simona: curios, full of vitality and foolish and various ideas to explore new realms yet to be discovered. Always smiling, always proactive.
This is why when I first thought of creating LaT.E., the branch dedicated to entertainment, I immediately thought of her. More than the skills acquired in her 8 years at Balich Wonder Studio, it’s her visionary soul and, most of all, her wish to find out as much as possible, of creating, inventing, keeping herself informed about something else and towards something else, that convinced me that she was going to be perfect for this new branch of LaTarma S.r.l.

LaT.E. provides creative and artistic direction, creates original branded contents and formats and produces special and bespoke events for artists and brands.

LaTarma Entertainment which becomes LaT.E.: because the best ideas always come to mind in the middle of the night, when everything outside is quiet and you can focus only on your thoughts.

Alongside Simona there is Anna: young, smart. She has the same curious eyes that I first saw on Simona 13 years ago, the first time we met in the hallway of the multinational corporation for which we both used to work. Two more women that join to the team, two more bricks that contribute to what we are building every day.