Musica Che Unisce


Throughout Italy the most important names of the italian music scene carried the torch of Musica che unisce: a unique event, live Tuesday, 31st of March from 8.35 PM. Each artist prepared for the audience an original live video set, realized from their homes: a long video playlist aimed to raise funds for the Civil Protection, on the front line to face the pandemic emergency experienced all across Italy, and remember how the connection between human beings is fundamental to overcome together and responsibly the emergency brought forward by the pandemic of Covid-19.

To enrich the evening, some of the greatest characters of show business, cinema and arts attended, while thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Sport, some of the most famous faces of various disciplines intervened.

Proper and exhaustive information on the current situation was also provided thanks to infographics and instructive videos realized by the Ministry of Health, together with various experts, part of different scientific fields, who all belonged to the National technical committee.

Every artist and public figure involved donated their performances and work free of charge.
The message of Musica che unisce was amplified thanks to the broadcasting on prime time on Rai1, on every multimedia platform by Rai and all its social network accounts. To allow as many people as possible to be part of Musica che unisce, the night was supported by national and local radio stations.

Musica che unisce is an event created by LaTarma Management S.r.l and produced in collaboration with RAI, realized with the special contribution of Comunicarlo S.r.l.