A night of “stars” in Cinecittà for the launch event of Paramount+ in Italy.

On September 14th, on the occasion of the launch of Paramount’s new streaming platform, the most acclaimed stars and protagonists of the new titles paraded on the Blue Carpet for a great event held in the iconic Cinecittà studios in Rome.

Two hours in the heart of Italian and European cinema, in a Roman amphitheater that is part of the set, to present the offer of the new streaming platform under the eyes of international leaders including Tom Ryan.

The most anticipated are certainly Sylvester Stallone, Roberto Benigni, Carlo Verdone, Elodie, Elettra Lamborghini. It is no coincidence that Cinecittà, where Italian cinema has expressed its maximum splendor, was chosen for the presentation of the new streaming platform.

Paramount has in fact expressed great admiration for Italian cinematographic history and enormous respect for the current potential of its audiovisual industry.