To celebrate the release of “Pokè Melodrama”, Angelina Mango’s first album, we transformed a well-known gym in Milan into a Vintage Gym with an Acid Pop flavour, which hosted an immersive and unprecedented listening experience.
In the center of the room, a 3m Giant Boombox, created specifically for the party, which in turn contained a station for the DJ set, let the guests unleash to the notes of the most representative songs on the album.

To experience the discovery of the world of “Poke Melodrama” in a more intimate way, the changing rooms have become listening rooms: one with a more intimate atmosphere, soft lights, with headphones and walkman to give space to the more introspective songs of the album, another hosted listening to the more rhythmic tracks on the album.

Dedicated photo opportunities, weights, mats and other gymnastic gadgets entertained the evening’s guests.