Supersalone 2021

SUPERSALONE 2021 – SEPTEMBER, 4TH – 10th 2021

After pausing for a year because of Covid-19 pandemic, the Salone del Mobile of Milan is back, named Supersalone for the special occasion and with the curatorship of Stefano Boeri. LaTarma collaborated with Supersalone both for the opening ceremony and for many other activities aimed at involving a broader and newer target.
For the opening ceremony, a show by Marco Mengoni was planned and realized: Marco performed an exclusive version of some of his most famous songs, surrounded by greenery at Triennale di Milano. The show was built following the same concept developed to welcome visitors at the entrance of the pavilions in Rho Fiera: a resonating forest made up of 87 trees, realized by Forestami. Thanks to the involvement of sound designer Federico Ortica, the trees were transformed into sounding boards, transmitting Marco Mengoni’s music.

Moreover, a podcast was produced in order to amplify the message of rebirth the Supersalone 2021 wants to convey: Super!, realized by DogEar alongside Design Wanted, who narrated the five days of the Salone in Fiera. It immediately entered the Top 100 Italy of Apple Podcast.
For the occasion, the new and official TikTok account of Salone del Mobile.Milano was created: during the week of the Salone, the content published received over 630k views.
Last but not least, the partnerships with Radio Deejay, Capital and M20 allowed the event to be promoted with custom-made commercials, a coordinated social communication and an interview with the President of Salone Maria Porro and Stefano Boeri, curator of the whole event.
All these activities made the 2021 edition the successful event that it was, with over 60k visitors.