L’anno che verrà


From Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo Marco Mengoni performed an intimate and essential version of L’anno che verrà by Lucio Dalla. The one-of-a-kind event was called 21.02.20 – 21.02.21 L’anno che verrà: it was a performance wanted by Rai to unite the public in a moment of reflection upon the tough year the world went through thanks to the extraordinary voice of the famous singer-songwriter.
Born from a profound feeling of emotional involvement, this special musical moment represents the will of restarting our lives a year after the pandemic exploded.

During 2020, we had to face fear and loneliness: yet, in this pain we found ourselves united, to reflect on the important things and look at the future with hope.

Songs live different lives according to the time they are sung: Marco found in L’anno che verrà, a masterpiece of our culture, the right words for this day.

21.02.20 – 21.02.21 L’anno che verrà is an event created by LaTarma Management S.r.l, produced in collaboration with Sony Music and realized with the support of Bergamo municipality, Comunicarlo, Goigest and LiveNation.