Antonio Dikele Distefano

Antonio Dikele Distefano (Busto Arsizio, 25/05/1992) is a writer, journalist and italian record man. He was born in Busto Arsizio on May 15th, 1992: his parents were born in Angola and migrated to Italy. He spent his childhood and teenage years in Ravenna. During his teenage years, his love of rap started and it pushed him to try a career in the music business, that he will later abandon.
In the same period, he started writing and started becoming more and more famous on social media platforms. He started to acquire fame with his first novel, Fuori piove dentro pure passo a prenderti?, published independently in 2014. After this first step, Mondadori decided to invest on him: the book was republished and quickly became a best seller.
Thanks to the success, he moved to Milan, dreaming of working in the music business. There he met various figures of the Italian hip hop scene, among whose Ghali: the two of them became both friends and partners. In 2015 the project Sto was born: it quickly became one of the most important music realities in the Italian rap scene. Soon, they created both a record company with the same name, Sto Records, and the online magazine Sto Magazine: Dikele was the founder and creator. The core idea was to talk to Millenials, creating a place that could filter the news and inform them about anything important regarding the trending music genre.

The magazine quickly became a fundamental point of reference for the latest news. At the end of 2018, Dikele left Sto Records, changing the name of the magazine into Esse Magazine. Thanks to the partnership with Lavazza Basement Cafè was created: it was an online format dedicated to all the connections between music and cinema, now at his second season.

At the same time, his writing career continued: in 2016, he published his second novel with Mondadori, by the name of Prima o poi ci abbracceremo; in 2017, his third, Chi sta male non lo dice. While writing his fourth novel, he released Bozze, a free project dedicated to his fans. Finally, in 2018, he published Non ho mai avuto la mia età, winner of the Fiesole Award. Antonio Dikele is today one of the most followed and active writers on Instagram.

On April, 21st, 2021, ZERO, the Italian original series by Netflix, was released: it was born from Antonio’s idea, who also wrote it, and inspired by Non ho mai avuto la mia età.