Angelina Mango

Winner of the 74th Edition of the Sanremo Festival, Angelina Mango, the first woman to triumph on the stage of the Ariston Theater after 10 years, will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with the song “La Noia”, a contemporary cumbia song written with Madame and produced by Dardust and E.D.D.

Since her first performance, Angelina Mango has racked up millions of streams and views with “La Noia”, garnering unanimous approval from the public and critics: the song has broken the record as the song with the most streams ever sung by a woman in the daily charts of Spotify and has collected a total of 18 million audio and video streams, reaching the top of all the charts (including 1st place on Amazon Music), entering the Top100 Spotify Global and YouTube Global.

With “La Noia”, Angelina also won the “Lucio Dalla”, radio, TV and web press room award and the “Giancarlo Bigazzi” award for best musical composition.

Angelina Mango is the revelation singer-songwriter of the year: always at the top of the radio charts, in just a few months she has collected four platinum records as well as two gold records, a completely sold out club tour and a new leg of autumn events that are selling out stage after stage, together with the Fabrique event in Milan, which was also already sold out.

After participating in the “Amici” program, where she won the Critics’ Award and the Radio Award, she dominated the summer of 2023 with the song “Ci pensiamo domani”, winning a triple platinum with over 57 million streaming and 21 million of view, which also entered the top 10 of the Earone chart of the most played songs on the radio. “Ci pensiamo domani” (21Co/LaTarma Records) is part of the album “Voglia di vivere”, published in May 2023 and having won a gold record as well as the title track, presented during the experience within the school of Amici. Furthermore, the album also debuted on the podium of the FIMI ranking for the best-selling albums in Italy.

It was the single “Che t’o dico a fa’” (LaTarma Records/BMG), released in October 2023, which confirmed the unstoppable success of the Lucanian singer-songwriter: a platinum record, #1 of the most played songs on the radio on the first week of publication on the podium of the FIMI ranking of the most listened to singles on the platforms in Italy, also at the top of the social rankings of the most used songs on TikTok for the creation of content through the use of the official segments of the song.

Shortly afterwards, the unreleased “Fila Indiana” was also published, part of the soundtrack of the TV series “Noi siamo leggenda”, broadcasted on Rai2 and Prime Video. Upon the release of “Fila Indiana”, Angelina Mango set a new record as the only female artist to have three singles simultaneously in the Spotify Top100.

After having performed during the summer of 2023 on the stages of Tiziano Ferro and Guè Pequeno and having also received a special mention at the Premio Lunezia 2023, this autumn Angelina Mango was also the protagonist of the “Voglia di vivere tour” (produced by Live Nation ), her first tour in Italian clubs: 8 dates from Naples to Roncade, passing through Rome, Bari, Florence, Bologna, Turin and Milan, all completely sold out, during which Angelina Mango embraced her audience live for the first time. This live trip was also the first tour of an Italian artist to become a series on TikTok, entitled “Voglia di vivere on tour”: through a daily video story, Angelina Mango revealed to her fans the “behind the scenes”, more fun and exciting experiences in the company of his band stage after stage. The series concluded with a special episode divided into two parts, in which further previously unseen backstage moments were revealed.

Much loved by GenZ on social media too, Angelina Mango is followed by over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, while on Tiktok she has over 700 thousand followers and over 11 million likes. On the platform dedicated to the creation of content, the official sounds of the singles “Che to’ dico a fa” and “Ci pensiamo domani” registered over 200 thousand and 223 thousand replays respectively.

Angelina Mango’s music is a mix that brings together different influences, including Italian and American rap, R&B and instrumental music, which allow her to range between different genres and bring freshness and originality to the stage, accompanied by a intense voice, full of emotion. In her songs, the singer-songwriter addresses relevant themes such as the anxieties of GenZ, love, the need for freedom and the value of family, linking an urban style to bel canto.

Originally from Lagonegro (PZ), born in 2001, Angelina Mango debuted in 2020 with her first EP “Monolocale”, followed by the publication of the singles “Formica”, “Walkman” (song produced by Tiziano Ferro) and “Rituali” feat . Nashley.